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Augentius: What We Do

To provide customised solutions to its clientele, Augentius ( employs fully qualified and trustworthy accountants. They are one of the largest Real Estate and Private Equity administrators with a clientele that spans the globe. When working together with a client, accuracy, reliability and clear insight are of the highest priority. Based near London Bridge in the United Kingdom, Augentius began to provide financial services in 2002 and is served by 200 to 500 staff.

Augentius prides itself on using the finest technology that ensures accurate and up-to-date accounting data-processing. The AIFMD or "Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive" is a partnership between KNEIP (one of the best global investment fund market services and software providers) and Augentius, a respected Private Equity and Real Estate manager. The KNEIP AIFMD (Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive) reporting facility was studied for four months and it was decided that it is amongst the finest computer software that the AIFMD has.

What is Behind Augentius’ Excellence?

Augentius emphasises providing top quality services that meet all the wishes of their customers. Utilising the same accounting software to ensure uniformity, compatibility and user fulfilment, the company engages employees in quite a few different countries around the world. The company is recognised as one of the forerunners of the financial market because of its determination to give the best service to its satisfied customers. Augentius lauds its DR (Disaster Recovery) abilities, which have been intensely evaluated and monitored and tested.

The reasons behind why Augentius is the best in helping a company comply with Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) are numerous. The finance experts employed at the company understand all the intricacies of managing customer assets. Augentius bears in mind the convenience of its clients, whilst ensuring that the work is completed satisfactorily.

The passing of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) brought with it certain Reporting expectations under IRS and local IGA (Intergovernmental Agreement) laws... The implications of this impact economic activities in excess of sixty nations around the world. FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) impacts on the operations of all financial institutions everywhere. Augentius is the firm to use for assisting finance corporations in reviewing finance structures and implementation.